Thursday, May 5, 2016

Will you Seriously Need Calcium Supplements?

Will you Seriously Need Calcium Supplements? - It’s a query I get many times a day time from women of most ages, but mainly from those in menopause or perhaps nearing menopause. The answer I more often than not give is “significantly less than you think.” And for some women.

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It’s not that We don’t think that lime scale is important

It is. Adequate calcium and supplement D are crucial for building and maintaining a wholesome bone mass.

But most women, apart from those that can’t tolerate dairy, already are obtaining a significant amount of calcium within their diet. So much to ensure that taking supplements adds little with their overall health.

Actually, the U.S. Preventive Services Job Force recently suggested against routine calcium and vitamin D health supplements for healthy postmenopausal ladies.

What harm can just a little extra calcium do me? 

More than it might seem. Too very much calcium can result in:

Kidney stones
Constipation (If constipation is an issue for you, try acquiring calcium with magnesium)
Trouble absorbing zinc and iron

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You may also have heard that taking calcium supplements can result in heart disease. It’s nonetheless an open question. Some research suggest up to 20% increase in cardiovascular disease in women and men who take supplements, but other analyses do not discover this risk, or think it is only in men rather than women.

My Recommendation

Unless you’re at improved risk for a fracture (you can calculate your fracture risk here), forgo the supplements and get your calcium from beverages and food. In the event that you don’t consume dairy, turn to non-dairy calcium resources. If you can’t get your complete advised daily allowance (RDA) of it from meals, only take as very much calcium supplementation as you will need to create up the big difference between dietary options and the RDA for your actual age group.


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